The Bewildering Lives of Animals that Make their Homes Underground

Have you ever wondered what happens to animals during the cold weather? As for us humans, we usually burrow beneath the blankets for warmness. The same happens to animals but the difference is that they burry underneath the ground. Don’t wonder how they survive because going underground is core element of their endurance.

Just like humans, these animals also build intricate homes. The only difference is that theirs are underground. These animals include;

  1. Burrowing Owl

This is a very attractive bird which lives underground. It digs its own burrow or use the ones abandoned by other animals. Mature owls produce a chuckling sound when they are in anguish while young owls hiss when agitated or in sorrow. These owls are unique compared to other owls. In fact, they are energetic at ground level at night instead of day time.

  1. A Mole

These animals dig their tunnels easily using their great front legs. They have a poor eye sight; hence their snouts are gifted in smelling stereo. Therefore, they can effectively detect the predators. Molehills reuse the oxygen inhaled above the ground by the use of their unique haemoglobin proteins. They help in making the soil more productive while underground.

  1. Kangaroo Rats

These are little burrowers who belong to neither rats nor kangaroos. They are tailored to desert live. Their underground houses are always four feet and above deep. They sleep during the day and are able to flee predators as they have gigantic back legs, which enable them to jump very far from the enemy. In addition, their hearing ability is outstanding, hence able to escape predators easily.

  1. Dwarf Mongoose

These are the smallest class of mongoose and live up to eight years in the desert. They mostly consume insects, hence pleased to live in places with plenty of termites. They live under the mounds and eat the same. They usually live in groups of 30 individuals and have unbelievable impulse, hence able to flee their predators especially snakes.

  1. Fennec Fox

These are also burrowing animals, and most people are now keeping them as pets, though without approval of wildlife control. They live in holes in deserts and have very long ears which help them to stay cool in the sun. They have thick fur which keeps them warm during cold seasons. They feed on plants and don’t require water in their lifetime, hence able to live in desert.

  1. Jerboa

It is a desert animal that lives in a very tiny hole in deserts. Jerboas can easily escape their enemies as they can jump about 10 feet in one hop. They do this with the help of their elongated back legs. They move to the ground level during the night, hence not much is known about them.

In conclusion, the live of these burrowers is exciting. It is difficult to believe that an insect or animal can survive under our feet. However, these animals feel comfortable underneath as they are able to escape their predators effectively. Being underground is also essential for their survival, as they get the warmth that they need during cold seasons.