Why Rabbits Build Tunnels Underground and How They Do It

If you own a rabbit at home, sometimes you may realize that they go missing. Probably, they don’t get lost but they disappear into underground tunnels built before. The underground tunnel these rabbits dig is called warrens. The tunnels are run in several directions containing runs, nesting areas, and even emergency exits. How do these rabbits build the underground tunnels? What are the reasons why they build the tunnels? Well, let us read through this article and get to answer these questions.

The digging behaviors in rabbits sometimes depend on the type of species. But let’s talk about those species of rabbits that normally dig tunnels.

How rabbits build tunnels underground

The rabbits love digging so much. This is made possible because they have sharp nails that help them scratch the ground and their front paws are very strong.

The rabbit selects a perfect place on the ground; this can be either in the garden or in a field that seems bare. It then separates its legs to be wide open or rather apart and quickly starts rubbing the ground for a period of time. If observing, you can see soil shooting in the air and after some time a hole is built. You may wonder how a small animal can do such a thing without help but that is its way of living and adaptation to its environment.

Reasons why rabbits dig underground tunnels

  • Rabbits like to have their privacy when it comes to rest, and the privacy can only be found inside tunnels they dig underground.
  • They also dig these tunnels looking for comfortable spaces for sleeping.
  • Rabbits find tunnels as their safety heavens avoiding prominent predators like cats, dogs, foxes and even humans.
  • Underground tunnels or warrens, act as safe spots for female rabbits to give birth to their offspring.

The Amazing Facts you never knew about rabbits.

  • Rabbits have whiskers same width as their bodies and act as tools to determine whether they can fit through a hole and this stops them from getting stuck in the tunnel.
  • Rabbits are one of the wild animals that can make very good pets.
  • Rabbits are born blind and spend some few days in a nest lined with their mother’s fur and grass.



  • Does and bucks can start reproducing as young as 4 months and take 30days to give birth and can get up to 800 children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren in their lifetime
  • Rabbits have the ability to chew 120 times per min and their teeth never stop growing. But the teeth are kept natural from this chewing.
  • When happy, rabbits can do what we call a binky; jumping up high in the air and doing spin.
  • They are able to make a chattering noise using their teeth.
  • From their herbivorous nature, rabbits are easy to feed. They can be feed using vegetables such as kales, spinach, cabbage and even grass.
  • The ears of a rabbit can be able to detect sound from a very long distance, two directions at the same time.

Benefits of rearing rabbits at home

The rabbit gives you meat which is very sweet and enjoyable to take.By raising them at home, you will have the opportunity to take their meat and even sell them to get the finances. Their fur can be used in industries to make several products such as woolen jackets or even shoes. These products can be worn during the winter season.

Rabbits can be reared at home as pets where by you can enjoy having several at you home since they have fewer expenses. Their waste product is very useful since it acts as manure which improves the fertility of the soil and pest control hence making the crops grow well.

In conclusion, you can select a few breeds of the rabbit such as the mini Rex, New Zealand or even the Flemish giant and give them a try.